Everything you’ll need for a very entertaining and challenging quiz night

Based upon my hugely successful two-hour quiz show format, I provide everything you’ll need for a very entertaining and challenging quiz night; all the required stationery, questions of varying difficulty, a top quality PA system and of course the quiz master! For larger audiences, conference halls, etc I can supply two top quality 2m x 1.5m rear-projection screens, with all the quiz questions, pictures and music displayed like a TV show. Highly recommended for a closing event after a long conference or seminar, giving your corporate delegates/customers time to unwind and have fun.

All the questions are personally compiled by me for each quiz and not simply lifted from a single quiz website, book or board game.. I try to ensure that most subjects are covered with a balance of difficulty levels and relevance. It’s vitally important to maintain the contestants’ attention throughout, so I rarely include extremely difficult or obscure questions unless requested. As a corporate client, you may wish to include questions regarding your own business, which I would be happy to include.

One of the most popular features of my corporate quiz night is the Music Intro round. As simple as it sounds…..identify the artists and titles of popular songs from their opening bars. This round acts as a great leveller for those who are not so blessed at answering academic questions but know their music!

Prizes and awards are entirely up to the client, I am always happy to advise and present these. Many quiz nights include a meal or buffet, and I can include a break at half-time if required.

Corporate Clients


All you have to supply are the teams, the beer and the prizes

I don’t just cater for the corporate market…..if you’re holding a pub quiz event and you need a professional touch, then don’t hesitate to call. I can adapt to fit any space with my equipment, sometimes even just the laptop Quiz machine is all that’s needed as I have a powerful voice to reach all corners of a noisy room without a mic! As with all of my services, I provide everything you need for a truly successful quiz night, all you have to supply are the teams, the beer and the prizes!
I offer a Master Pub Quiz too….especially for those really serious teams who relish a challenge. Much more difficult than the standard quiz, it truly sorts the wheat from the chaff!


A very popular choice is my specialist Music ‘n Movies Quiz Night. Together with my technical team, we install our huge and superb quality 2m x 1m rear projection screens and we show movie clips, celebrity photos, music video snippets and music intros.
Together with TV-style question presentation upon the big screens covering almost all music and movie genres, this premium service is perfect for those informal evenings, particularly successful as the antidote to a long day of seminars and corporate conferences.
We can cover up to 250 people, keeping them entertained for over two hours with questions on all levels of media knowledge.

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